Cast Steel Pipes – Things to know before buying

Cast Steel Pipes – Things to know before buying

Bao Tin Steel Company specializes in importing and distributing high quality steel pipes. We sincerely show you some necessary information when buying steel pipes.

ống thép đúc
Cast steel pine

The standards of steel pipes:

  • It’s easy for contractors with long-term experience to know which standards the steel has and where it comes from with just a glance.
  • But not everyone knows that much, so new contractors always need the advice from our company’s experts.
  • When purchasing, should pay attention to the standard SCH, which is the value used to determine the thickness of the pipe wall, and is commonly used for pressure and heat resistance of pipes.

Where is reliable place to buy cast steel pipe?

  • On the market, there is no shortage of companies that distributing cast steel pipes. Bao Tin Steel Company is a very reliable address that customers should not ignore.
  • Bao Tin Steel Company is located at 551/156 Le Van Khuong, Hiep Thanh Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City.

Why should you buy cast steel pipes at Bao Tin Steel?

  • Bao Tin Steel Company has more than 10 years of experience in importing and distributing high quality cast steel pipes, so you can completely rest assured when buying steel here.
  • Bao Tin Steel has an experienced team of staffs and professors who will surely assist you in choosing the best product. 
  • Bao Tin Steel is always delivering in sufficient quantity to ensure proper quality and on time at the construction site.

Reference Table of steel pipes standard:

ống thép đúc ống thép đúc ống thép đúc ống thép đúc ống thép đúc ống thép đúc

  • Additionally, Bao Tin Steel also distributes SeAH galvanized steel pipes, Hoa Phat steel pipes, black steel pipes, large-sized steel pipes, H-U-V-I shaped steel pipes, fire fighting and Prevention materials

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