Komax water meter with cast-iron body

Where is the Komax water meter made?

We are a direct importer of Komax water meters made in Korea (Korea). Products with quality assurance, reasonable price, nice design, full calibration, certification of origin, and quality certification.

Komax water meter with cast-iron body
Komax water meter


What are Komax water meters?

We are importing many models of water meters, including:

  • Clean water meter threaded cast iron body
  • Clean cast iron water meter with a flange connected
  • Cast iron water heater with horizontal threaded connection
  • Cast iron water heater mounted horizontally connected flange
  • Cast iron sewage meter mounted horizontally connecting flanges
  • Clean water meter threaded stainless steel body
  • A clean stainless steel body clock connects the flange
  • Clean cast iron water meter with threaded stand

What sizes are Komax watches?

Currently, we are importing the following sizes of Komax watches:

  • Threaded connector: from DN15 – DN50
  • Flange connection: from DN50 – DN400

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Komax flow meter specifications

  • Working temperature for water: less than 50 degrees C for cold water, and less than 90 degrees C for hot water.
  • Working pressure: Less than 1.6MPa for all sizes.

Where to buy a water meter?

Currently, Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd is supplying Komax, Unik, and Sanpo water meters in Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh (Cambodia). So, if you need to buy water meters please contact:

  • Bao Tin Steel Company Limited
    Address: 551/156 Le Van Khuong, Hiep Thanh Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City
    Hotline: 0932 059 176
    Email: kinhdoanh@thepbaotin.com
  • Bao Tin Steel (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd
    Address: 252 National Road 1, Prek Eng, Chbar Ampov, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
    Mobile: 06869 6789 – 09 6769 6789 – 09 6869 6789 – 09 7798 6789
    Email: sales@baotinsteel.com – dara@baotinsteel.com – admin@baotinsteel.com
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