Cast steel pines are used in high pressure piping sytems such as steam boilers, compressed air, gas, petroleum, hot water steam… The standard of cast steel pine is ASTM A 106 GrB, API 5L.

High pressure cast steel pines are manufactured according to the standard API 5L, ASTM A 106 GrB, its thickness according to the standard SCH10 SCH20 SCH30 STD SCH40 SCH60 XS SCH80 SCH120 SCH160 XXS. Please see the standart specification table of cast steel pine at the end of this article for more product information.

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Buying high pressure cast steel pine in Tien Giang

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We are one of the oldest company that is trading in steel products as well as steel pine fittings. Besides cast steel pine, customers can buy others: welded black steel pine, galvanized steel pine,large- sized steel pine,shaped steel, steel box, steel plate and all kinds of steel pine fittings.

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Cast steel pine is a kind of steel with good load- carrying capacity, which is machined and produced through the extrusion and drawing of biilets from round steel and solid billets during metallurgy. Then, the gut is hollowed out , drawn, molded and cut out according to the customer’s requirements until a complete steel pine is formed. With the capacity to withstand extreme pressure, cast steel pine is  often used in many machinery manufacturing industries as well as in some other constructions, civil field.

The main component is cast alloy steel with a little of chromium which gives cast steel the high strength and the flexsible applications. Therefore, cast steel pine is widely used in machinery manufacturing, constructions, civil filed, shipbuilding, water supply and drainage, oil and gas transportation, irrigation supplies… especially in transportation, natural gas and industrial combustible gas, oil leading industries, industrial pipe line and metallurgical factory.

Additionally, cast steel pines are also used in air compressor systems, hydraulic systems and projects which require products with high load capacity.

Buying cast steel pine at Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd.

– To specialize in supplying pressure cold rolled cast steel pines, black cast steel pines, galvanized steel pines.

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Apart from cast steel pines, black steel pines, Bao Tin Steel is a genuine distributor of many famous steel companies as: Hoa Phat Steel, Nam Kim Steel,…

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