Agents of the nearest gavalnized steel pine in Ho Chi Minh City – Bao Tin Steel

Agents of gavalnized steel pine.

Are you having needs to buy gavalnized steel pine? Are your building construction and projects at work? 

But you are considering to look for a suitable distributor for providing equipment or steel pipes for your work?

  • Bao Tin Steel specializes in importing and distributing kinds of steel pipes and construction materials.

Please rest assured totally that we – Bao Tin Steel are always supplying all steel pipe products.

Bảng giá Thép hộp Hòa Phát

Why should you buy galvanized steel pipe at Bao Tin Steel Company?

  • We have more than 10 years of experience in importing and distributing types of galvanized steel pipes, galvanized steel and iron boxes, cast steel pipes, Hoa Phat steel pipes, SeAH galvanized steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, shaped steels HUVI, firefighting prevention materials,…
  • Bao Tin Steel Company is the 1st level general agent, distributing galvanized steel pipes from the factory directly without intermediator, so the price is very competitive.
  • We specialize in distributing galvanized steel pipes to the 2nd and 3rd level agents with the most reasonable price, high commission discount.
  • Our delivery service is professional and friendly. We assist you to deliver in sufficient quantity, ensure the quality of goods, deliver on – time at the construction site. 

Price Table of gavalnized steel pines for reference:

bảng giá ống thép mạ kẽm

In addition to gavalnized steel pine, Bao Tin Steel Company is also distributing SeAH galvanized steel pipes, Hoa Phat gavalnized steel pipes, cast steel pipes, black steel pipes, big-size steel pines, stainless steel box, shaped steels HUVIfirefighting prevention materials,… 

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