Black steel pine is an important material which is used widely in many constructions. Why can architects choose the good quality and durable black steel pines? Where is the prestigious address to buy the black cast steel pine?

Where is the address to buy cheap black steel pine in Hai Phong?

Bao Tin Steel is an official distributor of steel pines such as: cast steel pines, over-sized steel pines, galvanized steel pines, black steel pines and other steel materials that are commonly used on the market today.

ống thép đen tphcm
ống thép đen


Black steel pine is a type of steel pine that hasn’t been galvanized or painted outside. It has a blue-black or black colour of iron oxide layer produced during hot rolling of billet. (Different from white steel that produced in cold rolling of billet)

Black steel pines have the high hardness, good bearing capacity, low rust, low requirement about maintenance, variety range of sizes. Therefore, they are used in many industries. Besides, the price is lower than other types of steel pines so they will help the builders save construction costs.


With high hardness, black steel pine is used in many fileds, mostly in conducting high-pressured gases, in pinelines of oil and gas, sewage.

Oil and gas Groups use black steel pine to transport oil, gas, and petrolium products to many areas, this application to save cost, decrease maintenance and take advantages of durability of steel pine.

Additionally, black steel pine is also used in many constructions, building details requiring certainty.

In general, Black steel pine has a wide variety of applications, being used in:

  • High pressured air ducts.
  • Water pines
  • Oil and gas pines
  • Construction steel pines.
  • Sewage pines.

Note:  To ensure safety, black steel pines are not used to carry drinking water, because they can be corroded by water and dissolve heavy metals.

Price List of black steel pine at Bao Tin Steel.

On the market, the price of steel is often changed according to the factory’s prices .Customers in Hai Phong need to buy black steel pine products, please contact us – Bao Tin Steel Hotline 0932059176.

Additionally, Bao Tin Steel also provides steel pines and fittings products:

  • Black steel pine
  • Cast steel pine
  • Galvanized steel pine
  • Over-sized steel pine
  • Shaped steel pine
  • Box steel pine
  • Steel plate
  • Stainless steel accessories
  • Stainless shaped steel plate
  • Stainless box steel tube
  • Lace accessories
  • Welding fittings
  • Cooper valve
  • Cast iron valve
  • Stainless steel valve.
ong thep duc nhap khau tu trung quoc
Cast steel pine imported from China

Customers need to buy products, please contact Bao Tin Steel – Hotline 0932059176 to receive the most acurrate and fastest quotation. In addtion, Bao Tin Steel also update the prices of steel pines on the website Customers refer to more types of steel in the catalog to understand the specifications osf products.

Bao Tin Steel distribute inexpensive black steel pines in Hai Phong.

Bao Tin Steel imported directly black steel pines from manufactures, with many years of experiences in the industry, we import goods at reasonable prices and distribute them to customers with comparative prices. Customers need to buy black steel pines, please contact us to receive the exact quote. In addtion, if customers need detailed advices of products, please call the hotline 0932059176 to Bao tin Steel.

Apart from distributing the normal steel pines, Bao Tin Steel also imports steel pines according to customers’ own specifications. With us : “Prestige is a prerequisite of every order”. So customers completely set your mind at rest!


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 Hotline: 0932 059 176
 252 National Road 1, Prek Eng, Chbar Ampov, Phnom Penh, Campuchia.
 Hotline: 09 6869 6789




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