Anti – skid chequered plate Steel in Dong Nai

Anti – skid chequered plate Steel manufactured by hot rolling process, so the steel surface is not as shiny, nice as plain steel plate. Chequered plate steel surface is often ribbed, patterned with the main purpose of creating roughness and skid resistance. Chequered plate steel has the main component of Carbon, so it is hardness, good bearing capacity, good impact resistance and under weather influence.

Specifications of chequered plate Steel

Anti – skid chequered plate Steel is the type of steel with extremely strong structure, anti friction, skid resistance, has hardness and good corrosion resistance, good impact resistance and under weather influence. 

There are many textures and patterns on the surface of the anti – skid chequered plate steel, which is to increase friction, make the product more solid and stronger, and increase bearing capacity. The textures and patterns with different sizes and shapes will has different features and applications to fit each type of buildings. 

Application of Anti – skid chequered plate Steel

Because of the ribbed coil with high friction, anti -skid chequered plate Steel is often used in factory, floor linings, truck floors, stairs and other uses, industrial mechanics, form stamping, processing machine parts, civil works and other applications… 


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