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Price list of galvanized steel pipe – Bao Tin Steel 

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The price sheet of galvanized steel pipes 

No.Specification Price Sheet of Steel Pipe WeightSteel Pipe PriceUnit price
1Galvanized steel pipe D12.7 x 1.01.7316,528,2
2Galvanized steel pipe D12.7 x 1.11.8916,528,2
3Galvanized steel pipe D12.7 x 1.22.0416,528,2
4Galvanized steel pipe D15.9 x 1.02.2016,528,2
5Galvanized steel pipe D15.9 x 1.12.4116,528,2
6Galvanized steel pipe D15.9 x 1.22.6116,528,2
7Galvanized steel pipe D15.9 x 1.43.0016,528,2
8Galvanized steel pipe D15.9 x 1.53.2016,528,2
9Galvanized steel pipe D15.9 x 1.83.7616,528,2
10Galvanized steel pipe D21.2 x 1.02.9916,528,2
11Galvanized steel pipe D21.2 x 1.13.2716,528,2
12Galvanized steel pipe D21.2 x 1.23.5516,528,2
13Galvanized steel pipe D21.2 x 1.44.1016,528,2
14Galvanized steel pipe D21.2 x 1.54.3716,528,2
15Galvanized steel pipe D21.2 x 1.85.1716,528,2

Galvanized steel pipes Price

16 Galvanized steel pipe D21.2 x 2.05.6816,528,2
17 Galvanized steel pipe D21.2 x 2.36.4316,528,2
18 Galvanized steel pipe D21.2 x 2.56.9216,528,2
19 Galvanized steel pipe D26.65 x 1.03.8016,528,2
20 Galvanized steel pipe D26.65 x 1.14.1616,528,2
21 Galvanized steel pipe D26.65 x 1.24.5216,528,2
22 Galvanized steel pipe D26.65 x 1.45.2316,528,2
23 Galvanized steel pipe D26.65 x 1.55.5816,528,2
24 Galvanized steel pipe D26.65 x 1.86.6216,528,2
25 Galvanized steel pipe D26.65 x 2.07.2916,528,2
26 Galvanized steel pipe D26.65 x 2.38.2916,528,2
27 Galvanized steel pipe D26.65 x 2.58.9316,528,2
28 Galvanized steel pipe D33.5 x 1.04.8116,528,2
29 Galvanized steel pipe D33.5 x 1.15.2716,528,2
30 Galvanized steel pipe D33.5 x 1.25.7416,528,2

Imported galvanized steel pipe 

31Galvanized steel pipe D33.5 x 1.46.6516,528,2
32Galvanized steel pipe D33.5 x 1.57.1016,528,2
33Galvanized steel pipe D33.5 x 1.88.4416,528,2
34Galvanized steel pipe D33.5 x 2.09.3216,528,2
35Galvanized steel pipe D33.5 x 2.310.6216,528,2
36Galvanized steel pipe D33.5 x 2.511.4716,528,2
37Galvanized steel pipe D33.5 x 2.812.7216,528,2
38Galvanized steel pipe D33.5 x 3.013.5416,528,2
39Galvanized steel pipe D33.5 x 3.214.3516,528,2
40Galvanized steel pipe D38.1 x 1.05.4916,528,2
41Galvanized steel pipe D38.1 x 1.16.0216,528,2
42Galvanized steel pipe D38.1 x 1.26.5516,528,2
43Galvanized steel pipe D38.1 x 1.47.6016,528,2
44Galvanized steel pipe D38.1 x 1.58.1216,528,2
45Galvanized steel pipe D38.1 x 1.89.6716,528,2

Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe

46Galvanized steel pipe D38.1 x 2.010.6816,528,2
47Galvanized steel pipe D38.1 x 2.312.1816,528,2
48Galvanized steel pipe D38.1 x 2.513.1716,528,2
49Galvanized steel pipe D38.1 x 2.814.6316,528,2
50Galvanized steel pipe D38.1 x 3.015.5816,528,2
51Galvanized steel pipe D38.1 x 3.216.5316,528,2
52Galvanized steel pipe D42.2 x 1.16.6916,528,2
53Galvanized steel pipe D42.2 x 1.27.2816,528,2
54Galvanized steel pipe D42.2 x 1.48.4516,528,2
55Galvanized steel pipe D42.2 x 1.59.0316,528,2
56Galvanized steel pipe D42.2 x 1.810.7616,528,2
57Galvanized steel pipe D42.2 x 2.011.9016,528,2
58Galvanized steel pipe D42.2 x 2.313.5816,528,2
59Galvanized steel pipe D42.2 x 2.514.6916,528,2
60Galvanized steel pipe D42.2 x 2.816.3216,528,2

Inexpensive galvanized steel pipe

61Galvanized steel pipe D42.2 x 3.017.4016,528,2
62Galvanized steel pipe D42.2 x 3.218.4716,528,2
63Galvanized steel pipe D48.1 x 1.28.3316,528,2
64Galvanized steel pipe D48.1 x 1.49.6716,528,2
65Galvanized steel pipe D48.1 x 1.510.3416,528,2
66Galvanized steel pipe D48.1 x 1.812.3316,528,2
67Galvanized steel pipe D48.1 x 2.013.6416,528,2
68Galvanized steel pipe D48.1 x 2.315.5916,528,2
69Galvanized steel pipe D48.1 x 2.516.8716,528,2
70Galvanized steel pipe D48.1 x 2.818.7716,528,2
71Galvanized steel pipe D48.1 x 3.020.0216,528,2
72Galvanized steel pipe D48.1 x 3.221.2616,528,2
73Galvanized steel pipe D59.9 x 1.412.1216,528,2
74Galvanized steel pipe D59.9 x 1.512.9616,528,2
75Galvanized steel pipe D59.9 x 1.815.4716,528,2

Price sheet of galvanized steel pipe

76Galvanized steel pipe D59.9 x 2.017.1316,528,2
77Galvanized steel pipe D59.9 x 2.319.6016,528,2
78Galvanized steel pipe D59.9 x 2.521.2316,528,2
79Galvanized steel pipe D59.9 x 2.823.6616,528,2
80Galvanized steel pipe D59.9 x 3.025.2616,528,2
81Galvanized steel pipe D59.9 x 3.226.8516,528,2
82Galvanized steel pipe D75.6 x 1.516.4516,528,2
83Galvanized steel pipe D75.6 x 1.819.6616,528,2
84Galvanized steel pipe D75.6 x 2.021.7816,528,2
85Galvanized steel pipe D75.6 x 2.324.9516,528,2
86Galvanized steel pipe D75.6 x 2.527.0416,528,2
87Galvanized steel pipe D75.6 x 2.830.1616,528,2
88Galvanized steel pipe D75.6 x 3.032.2316,528,2
89Galvanized steel pipe D75.6 x 3.234.2816,528,2
90Galvanized steel pipe D88.3 x 1.519.2716,528,2

Imported galvanized steel pipe 

91Galvanized steel pipe D88.3 x 1.823.0416,528,2
92Galvanized steel pipe D88.3 x 2.025.5416,528,2
93Galvanized steel pipe D88.3 x 2.329.2716,528,2
94Galvanized steel pipe D88.3 x 2.531.7416,528,2
95Galvanized steel pipe D88.3 x 2.835.4216,528,2
96Galvanized steel pipe D88.3 x 3.037.8716,528,2
97Galvanized steel pipe D88.3 x 3.240.3016,528,2
98Galvanized steel pipe D108.0 x 1.828.2916,528,2
99Galvanized steel pipe D108.0 x 2.031.3716,528,2
100Galvanized steel pipe D108.0 x 2.335.9716,528,2
101Galvanized steel pipe D108.0 x 2.539.0316,528,2
102Galvanized steel pipe D108.0 x 2.843.5916,528,2
103Galvanized steel pipe D108.0 x 3.046.6116,528,2
104Galvanized steel pipe D108.0 x 3.249.6216,528,2
105Galvanized steel pipe D113.5 x 1.829.7516,528,2

Inexpensive galvanized steel pipe

106Galvanized steel pipe D113.5 x 2.033.0016,528,2
107Galvanized steel pipe D113.5 x 2.337.8416,528,2
108Galvanized steel pipe D113.5 x 2.541.0616,528,2
109Galvanized steel pipe D113.5 x 2.845.8616,528,2
110Galvanized steel pipe D113.5 x 3.049.0516,528,2
111Galvanized steel pipe D113.5 x 3.252.2316,528,2
112Galvanized steel pipe D126.8 x 1.833.2916,528,2
113Galvanized steel pipe D126.8 x 2.036.9316,528,2
114Galvanized steel pipe D126.8 x 2.342.3716,528,2
115Galvanized steel pipe D126.8 x 2.545.9816,528,2
116Galvanized steel pipe D126.8 x 2.851.3716,528,2
117Galvanized steel pipe D126.8 x 3.054.9616,528,2
118Galvanized steel pipe D126.8 x 3.258.5216,528,2

Additionally, Bao Tin Steel Company also distributes cast steel pipes, large-sized steel pipes, hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes, shaped steel H-U-V-I, fire fighting and Prevention materials, and stainless steel pipes

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