Chinese cast steel pine price – Cheap imported steel pine

Chinese cast steel pine price – Cheap imported steel pine

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Why Vietnam has to import cheap steel pine from China?

  • Currently, there is no factory that can produce cast steel pipes in Vietnam, so of course, the import from Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, England, China is necessary totally, which to ensure the necessary materials in production and construction.
  • Bao Tin Steel is an importer and distributor of cast steel pipes, with various design and sizes. Customers are totally assured of products quality as well as their price.
  • Our company has more than 10 years in the import and distribution of high quality cast steel pipes with the most competitive price on the market.

Chinese cast steel pipe standard:

Cast steel pipes are manufactured according to ASTM standards, which including marks:

  • ASTM A53, API5L, A106, A192, A179, CT3, CT45, CT50, C45, C50, S55, S45C, S40C, S35C, S30C, S25C, S20C, S15C.
  • A139, A519, A570, A36, A5525, A252, A210, A213, A192, A335, A333.
  • S275, S335JO, S335J2G3, S335J2, S335JR, S335, S235JO, S235JR, S235, S275JO, S275JR.
  • The imported Chinese cast steel pipe has fully certified the CO-CQ quality of the manufacturer.

Price specification Table of Chinese cast steel pipes for reference:

ống thép đúc trung quốc ống thép đúc ống thép đúc trung quốc ống thép đúc trung quốc ống thép đúc trung quốc

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